Thursday, October 03, 2013


 There was bad news and good news this past week.  On the down side we were drowned out in Eugene.  On the plus side the Stadium is in better shape than has been reported--but that's another column.  More important, the team GPA is up. 

This year I'm afraid we  are going to have to take our victories where we can get them.

We didn’t quite play David to the Ducks' Goliath.  However, to put it in perspective, Stoney said the weather was “Biblical.”  Most people left before the first quarter was over.  

Now that’s a rarity.  According to Stoney, even the Oregon faithful had never seen weather like that.

Apparently, the wind and the rain were off the charts.  Being a Noah's Ark game they ordered two drinks of everything.

It makes no sense to say,  “Well, it affected both teams equally.”  It didn’t.

When you are a 38 point underdog and playing perhaps the best team in the nation, you are so focused—so intent on making NO mistakes—so determined to do everything right, that anything that interferes with that (like lights going out when you are upsetting the home team) lessons your chance for success (however that is measured).

In a game like that everything has to go right.  Once something (especially crushing weather) interrupts that concentration you get…..well we all saw what we got.

Great move to replace Jared Goff.  It wasn’t going to be his night and no sense letting him get more shell shocked than that poor 18 year old must have been.  Plus, Kline deserved a shot and he comported himself well.  Both are outstanding talents.

Speaking of quarterback talents did anyone see the Chron article last week by Mitch Stevens of 

 He wrote that five of the nation's top 30 college Division I-A passing yardage leaders are from the Bay Area, including No. 1 Sean Mannion (Oregon State, Foothill-Pleasanton) and No. 4 Jared Goff (Marin Catholic-Kentfield).

So I called former Cal Coach and all time great guy Roger Theder, on a hunch.  Roger runs a Sunday quarterbacks’ clinic where the kids work out for a couple of hours each week.  He even got my kid, JJ, a walk on spot at Notre Dame behind Brady Quinn (that’s another story).

Playing my hunch (Roger had not seen the article) I asked him how many of the kids mentioned, where his? 
I read off the names in the article:  Joe Southwick (Boise State); Nick Montana (Tulane); and Austyn Carta-Samuels (Vanderbilt,) Quinn Kaehler (San Diego State), Keller Chryst (Stanford).

All but one was the answer.  (I knew he had Montana’s kid because when we went back to watch JJ run out of that tunnel at Notre Dame vs. SC for his first game, Nick’s dad and mom were there—back then she rode horses at Diamond Mt. Stables-- getting their daughter into school.  We shared a beer at the bar in the Morrison Inn. 

  “I had to take my kids to Theder,” he told me.  “They wouldn’t listen to me.” 

Dads, everywhere.  Don’t you just love it?

According to the article:  “One year, 8 out of 10 starting Pac 10 quarterbacks had been trained by him.”

Roger didn’t want any credit.  He never does.  With proven successes under his belt like Josh Johnson (San Diego). Sam Keller (Michigan), Drew Olson (UCLA), Bart Huston (Wisconsin), Trent Edwards (Stanford), Ken Dorsey (Miami), Kyle Wright (Miami), and a trove of others (I’m not even mentioning Plunket at Stanford) he wasn’t particularly interested in this latest article (the writer was unaware of the Theder connection).

 I asked him, with all the famous qb’s he’s had over the years which one was the best?  He didn’t want to pick out any one in particular, but allowed as though he did spend a lot of time with another local kid when he was in high school—a kid from Turlock--named Colin Kaepernick.

As Herb Caen used to say,  “There’s always a local angle.”  

 (Oh.  And for the record, he had both Kline and Goff.  Tedford went for Kline.  It’s a mystery, why with Roger’s fondness for Cal, all those other names went elsewhere).

(Dispelling another evil rumor:  Had the chance to meet Andrew Luck and his Dad Oliver this summer.  Talk about good parenting.  Asked young Luck directly,  "Did Cal overlook you or not offer you a scholarship" (as some Cal folk were saying).

"No way," he said.  "They were very gracious and did offer a scholarship."  Always glad to put evil rumors (you can't believe the ones we hear) to bed.

(Another fun aside.  Apparently Jared Goff’s father played baseball with #7, Bob Milano—but I digress). 
Despite the thrashing last week, we win on Saturday.  (How can you lose to a team named after horny old bar flies?  A Cougar tried to pick me up in the Durant a couple of weeks ago.  Of course at my age, that means a Cougar is in her 90’s—but hey, also at my age one can’t be too picky.)  

It’s a one o’clock game and all the stars are aligned in the right direction.

So sad to hear of Kiffin's firing.  As my buddy said,  "He's the gift that keeps on giving."  We shall miss him.

Don’t forget the Cal Football Alumni bar-be-que before the game.  An old (no, long ago) Rose Bowler, Mike White will get the Glenn Seaborg award. (How come they don’t make university presidents like him anymore?  He love sports—helped create the Pac 8—but I digress again).

Matt Grimes needs checks for the Golf Tourney tomorrow:  Make checks out for $110 to him at Matt Grimes
First Capital
601 S. Figueroa St., #3460
Los Angeles, CA 90017

I have four ducats for Saturday if anyone is interested.  First come first served.  Just e-mail me.

See you Saturday.

Go Bears,
Jeffrey Earl Warren ‘70

PS.  The Cab awaits any intrepid soul that makes it up this way like Scalia did a couple of weeks ago.