Thursday, August 22, 2013


Bear Fans,

It’s been a good summer for you—no drivel from me—nothing to delete, but feel free to delete this at will.
The good news is that we have a new President of the UC system named Janet Napolitano.  The bad news is that you will have to remove your shoes before entering the gate at Memorial Stadium.
There are several reminders, but the most important is that the Chuck Muncie Memorial will be Saturday the 24th at the Stadium at 12 noon.  After a tour and watching practice we will repair to Pappy’s (the old Rathskeller) for a sauce or two and Don Miller (as he always does) will be providing the Evergood dogs--thoug it looks like he may not be providing them at the Stadium, after 30 years.  Maybe there will be at least one funny story.

On the positive side, Cal moved up to third place overall behind Harvard and Stanford in the 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) global rankings of universities.  This represents an improvement over last year’s fourth-place ranking, now held by MIT.

(On the negative side, if you get an e-mail from me tomorrow you will be madder than hell.  That being said, the contemplated insanity is not a done deal.  But if it gets done I will let you know as soon as I get the phone call).

Cal is ranked third in the world using the Shanghai Jiao Tong University methodology, which focuses on quality of faculty and research. Berkeley is again the top-ranked public university, followed by UCLA (12th), UCSD (14th) and UCSF (18th).

Top 10 universities in 2013
1 – Harvard, 100
2 – Stanford, 72.6
3 – Berkeley, 71.3
4 – MIT, 71.1
5 – Cambridge, 69.6
6 – Cal Tech, 62.9
7 – Princeton, 61.9
8 – Columbia, 59.8
9 – Chicago, 57.1
10 – Oxford, 55.9

            The Rugby Dinner is at the Columbo Club on September 13th honoring Dave Stenger’s 40 years of service.  Free Cocktails start at 6:30.  $40 per head.

RSVP: or 510-643-1971
We open up on Saturday night (the the 30th) at 7:30 against Northwestern.  Bring a coat, but wear sandals (see above).

Matt Grimes Golf Tournament is Saturday October 4th.   RSVP to Matt Grimes

Lastly, coach Wild Bill Dutton has e-mailed me (along with Igor) looking for Ray Willsey’s contact information.  If you have it, or a hint of where to look (he’s been spotted in Colorado and there was a Willsey spotting in the L.A. area recently), please e-mail it back to me so I can get it to him.

Go Bears (and pray you don’t get an e-mail from me tomorrow--we'll talk about it Saturday).

Jeffrey Earl Warren ‘70

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