Friday, August 23, 2013


                This is not a joke.  I know you think I’m making this up (as everyone thought I was full of STANFORD, when I wrote that Cal (or Berkeley as they want to be called) was considering demoting Rugby to “Varsity/club” and cutting baseball altogether).    But one of the consequences of having taken Mr. Kelly’s typing class at age 14, is that people call you on the phone or send you e-mails—or even buy you lunch—in order to tell you something in the hopes that “The word will get out” to the 3,093 names on the list.

                NEWS FLASH:  Cal is planning to cancel the Big Game for Memorial Stadium in 2014.   According to “insiders” Sandy wants to play it in the New San Francisco 49ers Stadium down in Santa Clara.  May I repeat that for any Stanford State folk who may be reading this.   

                Negotiations are being finalized to move the 2014 game which should be played in our Memorial Stadium (Lest you’ve forgotten it’s that new stadium in Strawberry Canyon.  The one we spent almost $500,000,000 on.) to the Peninsula.

                I know.  It’s kind of like building an expensive summer house in Tahoe then spending the weekend at Cal Neva, but who can fathom the logic of either Cal these days or the Pac 12?

                According to my deep throat (did you know the real deep throat is a Cal grad as well?), Stanford came up with this idea because they want to balance their home schedule by moving their Cal  home games to even-numbered years (I don't understand either) and now that they’re Big Time and nationally ranked, we get more exposure playing OUR HOME GAME down in their territory.  And we’re giving in—at least that’s what I’m told.

                I don’t want to pile on Sandy.  I’m sure she has her reasons,  but this one is hard to fathom.

                This is not gossip.  There is proof.
                I realize I could go to jail for leaking this information or may at least have to defect to Russia.  (I’m drawing the line on the sex change operation.  Once was painful enough).  
                There were some discussions about playing Big Game down there in 2015 (Stanford State’s home date) rather than 2014 (OUR home date).   But sources say they decided not to do it because Sandy is really “excited” about playing the inaugural college football game there.  

It looks like she is ready to sign on next week—and then it’ll be a done deal.

            This stuff is important—at least to those of us who don’t have a life.

Remember how you used to love to go back to Campus for Big Game to relieve those halcyon days of yore?  Visiting those parking lots where you BUICKED  up cheap beers you couldn’t handle?  Passing the sorority houses and pointing out the fire escapes you used to shimmy up late at night?   Maybe experiencing going to Kips or Blake’s and flashing a driver’s license with your picture on it? 

Do you and your wife ever stroll through Sproul Plaza, remembering those early days (occasionally stopping to feel a friendly cop as opposed to vice versa?)

Tails of Garf, Pappy,  Cosmic Ray, Wild Bill Dutton and Truck (Even of Mario and Bettina)  have a certain panache when told under the shadow of the Campanile.  They may sound different when told under the shadow of  the upside down roller coaster at Great America.  Will the Ghosts of Ferragamo to Sweeny, Paul Larson, Truck Cullom, to say nothing of the-most-amazing-sensational-dramitic-heart rending-exciting-thrilling-finish-in-the-history-of-college- football rest easy knowing we are playing a “home game” in Stanford State territory?  

Will any of our stories be as funny or as poignant in a parking lot nearer to Zuckerburg than Zellerbach?

And what if our TBA is 7:30 at night?  Want to take the kids down there for that?

Family friendly, it ain’t.  Next thing you know College football traditions will be taking a back seat to making money.  Is this where we want to go?

As my friend says, “You decide.”

For it’s now in your hands.  It is likely to be decided next week.  So if you think this makes about as much sense as re-formulating Coca Cola or changing the UC logo to look like the view from above a UCLA toilet seat, please let Sandy know

This would also be an appropriate time to let our new Chancellor Dirks take a measure of your passion (or lack thereof) in the area of Cal Athletics.  (You might want to let him know also about the movement to change the name from Cal to Berkeley—but maybe that’s another column).

Go Bears,
Jeffrey Earl Warren ‘70


Anonymous said...

well said...traditions are going by the way side mostly because those newbies in charge have no investement in the tradition.

Anonymous said...

Agree with all the above, and did send a note to both Sandy and Chancellor Dirks expressing my feelings that we are Cal. I do not wish to be Miami, Oregon, or the NFL. Our traditions need to be guarded and protected or I and many others will be lessening our participation and support.

The Fritch said...

the whole college football experience of tailgating, walking through campus, sitting in the sun, is GONE. It is all about money, money, money.
The University is going to loose a younger generation with this TBD schedule. Do they care? I doubt it..

Streech, '65 said...

It is no longer about us, what we think or have observed or conclude. It is about them, the next generation, those to whom we have reluctantly been forced to pass the torch. It is no longer our watch. We are many of those younger than we believe history to also be. From athletics to communism, they will find out for themselves. I'll continue to protest, register my thoughts, champion what I believe it but have no expectations of even an acknowledgment of from those who follow. And, I loved those halcyon days at Strawberry Canyon! We were the lucky ones.

Jeff Warren said...

Excellent point Streech. You are right on.
Go Bears,