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            Woke up this morning with that  hard to articulate feeling one has when he’s at work and suddenly realizes he can’t wait to get home because there is a Grisham Whodunit waiting for him,  next to a soft single malt, neet---both to be shared in front of a hot fire.  Only rather than anticipating a good read, it was the feeling one has on early fall Saturday mornings, when he knows the Bears are playing in Strawberry Canyon—especially when the foe is SC or Stanford.

            That it’s a Thursday is odd—but not aweful.

            The keen sense of anticipation—there’s nothing quite like it.  The sporting green is read, oh so slowly and oh so lovingly—front to back—but saving the Cal stories for last.  Reading about Cal the morning before a game is like getting a message after a tennis match or workout—it doesn’t get much better.  After digesting the Green, The game day stories are a Cal fan’s Happy Ending.

            Alas, for the first time since ’83 when The Goobs and I moved back to the coast from Nueva Jork,  I will not be in the stands for an SC game.   Last week they took the world’s ugliest foot, broke it and fused it in an attempt to make straight that which the Lord Hath made crooked.   It’s what happens when one spends to much time putting his foot en la boca.  

            No idea whether it will work or not but it was worth it just for the Propofol they give you before you go under the knife.  No wonder MJ was hooked  on that stuff.  The hallucinations are faboo.  After I came to, I actually fantasized that the Bears wore white hats against the Ducks.  Take it from me.  The hallucinations are Ugly!

            Michael Jackson.  What a story.  Only in America can a poor black boy grow up to be a rich white woman.  As an athlete he’d a made a great jockey with his love of riding three year olds—but I digress.

            I knew I was drugged out for no one who loves the University of California and her grand  traditions could ever conceive of the world of “bling”—where the unis are the thing.

            As Ray Willsey used to say (Yeah, I’ve got a million of his quotes), “Do your talking with your hats.”  In today’s world, when it comes to hats, we’ve replaced hitting with hatting, but we be stylin’.

            Of course it’s an old school thang.  

            So, I’m bedridden and won’t be in the parking lot tonight.  To while away the time I’m reading the complete works of Plato.  I’m 100 pages in already with only 1500 to go.  Actually, it’s fun because there’s no quiz at the end.  

            I was surprised to find under Socrates definition of “The good life” there was no mention of tailgating before Cal Games with one’s old friends.  (Of course he wanted to defeat Spartans not Trojans—that was Agamemnon’s gig).

            Being together,  telling stories, talking strategies, positing  theories, 2nd guessing every play—and downing suds—for some of us it doesn’t get any better.  Clearly, we have no lives.  

            Why is SC only a 3 point favorite?  See effects of Propofol above. 

            If Hanson to Richardson can torch us for 283 yards, one shutters to think about Barkley to Woods—future Sunday studs.  (Of course, had this Woods met our Woods (Jerry), one trip across the middle would be his last—but again I digress).

            Forget the last two blow outs (ok, I can’t either), under Tedford we have generally played SC tough.   They have been exciting games and the Bears have risen up to at least scare the pin stripes off SC’s unis.  Colonel  Klink—er--Pete Carrol, He Haz seen nah-think, though most of his players were allowed only one hour of exercise a day, and the practice field was called the exercise yard.

            You know you’re playing SC when the Refs, marching off penalties, refer to the distance as five to ten—with yards off for good behavior.

            While you all are yucking it up together, I’ll be hobbling on crutches between the kitchen and the couch--with a handle of Stollee clinched between my teeth.  Desperate  times call for desperate measures.

            Not that you care what I think, but unfair criticism was leveled against Tedford for letting Maynard play with a thigh bruise.  I’ve talked to people who know him well, and  there was no way Zach was coming out of that game.  He’s a baller.

            He admitted to “happy feet”  in such a big game.  I was shocked that performing on a  webcam against the Presbyterian Blue  Hose, hadn’t prepared him for going against the #9 team in the country on National TV. 

            Speaking of National TV, hope someone tells him to keep his head up and not look dejected (no matter what he does) when he comes to the sideline.  These kids forget that the camera might be on them every second.

Attempting to catch passes one handed (at least twice last week) are killing us.  They need some schooling or discipline—and it’s hurting Maynard, big time.

            Trojan games bring out the best and the  worst in us.  Worst: Bernie Keels fumbling a punt with 1:32; Pat Cannamela breaking Johnny Olszweski's leg, McKeever breaking Bates jaw when he was  out of bounds.   Best:  Bobby Tuck in a gorilla suit and going into the huddle and Forbes  (from the top of the L.A. Collesium) nailing Tommy Torjan with an apple core as he galloped by.  We take our triumphs where we can  find them.

            One last note:  Si disputed my contention that Ralphie the Buffalo was one of the most dramatic mascots in College Sports.  He points out Santa Cruz’s Banana Slug also does a lap around the field  before games--but she begins at 4am.  (How they know she’s  a she is a question I don’t  want to know the answer to).

Stop by for some Cab if you get up this way.  There’s plenty waiting for you.  The only downside:  It’s red.

Go Bears,
Jeffrey Earl Warren ‘70


Steve Fineau’s trip here for  Big Game  He’s making great progress, but is still in a chair. Grealish suggests $100 tax-deductible donations to The Old Blues Rugby Club.    He’s hoping $5,000-$7000 will get it done.  Make checks (of any size) payable to "Old Blues RFC"
        Old Blues R.F.C.
         c/o Doug Cole
        1896 School St
         Moraga, Ca.  94556
For info contact: Steve Grealish,   415 254 9973

Crossland needs an extra tic:  707-363-7003

Capin' Andy (Ned Anderson's) induction to the Cal Hall of fame is November 11th.


CAA Tailgate:  Located at Pier 48, adjacent to Parking Lot A.
Bears For Beam invites you to Jim Beam Tailgate at Pier 48

Cal pre-game party with Decks at Mission Rocks, a 15-minute walk from the Golden Bears’ new “home” field at AT&T Park. All-you-can-eat barbecue, beer, cocktails, crostini and waffle bites make for a tailgate worthy of the city. And when building a wine cellar, you want it to be how you want. Enter Meadowood’s sommeliers, ready to curate a tour through Napa based on your wine preferences. Also on the agenda are bubbly, massages, a cozy cottage and breakfast in bed.

Ferry Service from Vallejo has been modified to busses down, Ferry back tonight.  Go to the website for details.


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