Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Stoney's last good day on the diamond
OK, Boys and Girls,

      Time to pony up and get this done.  I am working on the Save Cal
Baseball Committee headed by Stu Gordon and Dwight Barker to bring the
team back for next year and for the rest of time.

The Chancellor has told us that we need to demonstrate pledges of close to $10 million.

(Right now we have $5-6 million - and increasing daily.)

So we are mobilizing everybody to do whatever he/she can to reach our goal, and we
have until March 31.  (The time is driven by the Pac-12 - hopefully not
Pac-11 - and its 2012 scheduling requirements.)

The Committee has spent many hours going over/expanding the prospect list, and we do think this
is doable, but we need to capture many, many new - and old - donors.  So
hence this email and the attached pledge form.

      For "pledge accounting purposes" a five-year pledge will count
toward our goal.  So, for example, a 10k pledge over five years is as
good as a 10k check written right now.  And that example, 2k/yr. for
five years, is the target pledge I/we would like you to seriously
consider.  And please note that whatever you give is 100% tax-deductible
(and, of course, if baseball is not reinstated this spring for next
year, your pledge will be extinguished).

Obviously, if you can give more, that would be HUGELY APPRECIATED!  And if that target is too high
at this point, please consider giving whatever you can, as it all adds

Moreover, the sheer # of people signing pledge forms could carry
the day if we get close, e.g., several thousand people accumulating to
say, $8.5 million, might be sufficient, as it would support a rationale
that many/most might continue to give at that level or higher after the
the five years.

(Experienced fund-raising professionals confirm that this is an accurate phenomenon.)   And please forward this email to whomever you think might participate with us.  (BTW, you will note on
the form that the University will ensure that all monies donated to
baseball will be so used, with quarterly reports so confirming, i.e.,
total transparency.)

      PLEASE give this your near-term attention.  You can/should PDF or
fax your signed form to Stu Gordon as indicated on the form (and please
cc me if you would).  Finally, Stu is meeting again with the Chancellor
on Wednesday, March 9, so, while March 31 remains the "drop dead date,"
if you can return the form by March 9, it would add to an "early show of
force" for his meeting with the Chancellor.

            Thanks so much and Go Bears!

Carl's e-mail is CStoney@reedsmith.com
Stu Gordon:  sgordon@gordonrees.com 

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