Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I first saw the Aggie’s play in the mid fifties. My uncle, Bobby Warren, (who at 75 just retired from the chain gang at all Davis home games) was starting at center. His father had come out from D.C. to watch his son play. Naturally, Bobby hurt his ankle in the first half and was carted off the field in an ambulance.

Only 7 years earlier Bobby went to bed in a deep funk after having heard on the radio that his father had won the election and would be taking the family to DC as President-elect Dewey’s Vice President. Just 13, Bobby didn’t want to leave his friends. When he woke up the next morning, Bobby found that Truman had indeed defeated Dewey and the family would be staying put. He was one happy guy.

I cried throughout the night. It wasn’t so much the loss that hurt, it was mostly because I was 10 months old.

In the small world category, Bears of a certain age will get a kick out of the fact that Bobby’s roommate was Myrel Moore (former linebacker coach under Cosmic Ray and Broncos) and the head coach was Brian’s dad, Ted Forbes. His assistant, Bill Dutton, was the same Wild Bill Dutton who was our D line coach under Ray Willsey (and came back later under Holmoe).

Bobby was in the stands as an over-matched Davis battled gamely against a well prepared Bears squad on Saturday.

The day began (in St. Helena) in bright sunlight. As always, I savored the Green sheet saving the news on the Bears to the last. I printed out some additional on line bits, so I was able to get my game face on before the drive down to the overcast Bay Area. With all due respect to the Aggies, I didn’t feel the edgy anticipation one usually feels on opening day. I like driving to potential upsets--not blow outs.

Found the boys at the usual spot for the Tailgate at Bowles Hall. Is it just my imagination or as we get older, is the number of wives attending decreasing?

Frank Lynch, one tough runner back in the day (also,Trent Dilfer’s dad and Tedford’s good buddy), dropped by. A tall good looking guy predicted in front of witnesses that the score would be 53 to 7. But who’s keeping track?

Just before kickoff Volker and tried I the new tent for the ESP folk located on Maxwell Field at the North end. Kudos to Sandy, Dave, Nate and their crew. They knocked one out of the park. There was beer and wine plus lots of food. Flat screens were judiciously placed and after 5 years of carping, the best seats in the house were “Executive” porta-potties for the ladies. Clean restrooms, as opposed to hot, plastic, unsanitary porta-potties (better suited for construction sites) were a wonderful respite. Thanks to wrist bands, they could be used during the game as well. To hell with the men. For all the ladies what a wonderful improvement.

As Bear fans (and Beer fans) we thank Allah for small favors.

58,000 turned out for the opener. It was festive if a bit subdued.

What did we see? It’s hard to tell. Clearly, young Allen will be playing on Sunday’s. He’s just got “it.” The D line shut them down big time, but they weren’t SC.

Vereen is still the real deal. The dis-enchanted carped about Riley (he had a couple of mental errors) but I thought his decisions were good and his tosses crisp.

It was fun to see Kapp’s kid (a walk on) in there. Knowing how tough his dad was (and he is) how ironic that he received a concussion during a team sanctioned wiffle ball game! Now that he’s cleared to play, my guess is he gets a lot of minutes.

Tavecchio got some distance on his kick offs.

Cameron Jordon is apt to turn some heads.

Tedford had a couple of interesting ethical calls in the 4th quarter. No criticism here, but what does a coach do when he is way up and he has a 4th and short inside their 40? Is it piling on to go for a field goal? Do you go for it and risk running up the score by getting another touch? Do you punt from inside the 40? What is “the coaches code?”

Not sure there is any right answer, but it made for some spirited conversation at the top of section D.

Lots of kids got action. That’s good when one remembers the axiom that it is the 3rd string running back who will cost you the championship. (Remember Adam Walker on the Niners?).

Still, there is no way to know how we will stack up against more formidable foes. We did look well prepared, however, on both sides of the ball. No stupid penalties-- always a good sign.

RG tells me that there will be a Bear-fullo tailgate with Buff and Bear fans joining forces near Stoney’s spot around Boalt. Should be fun this Saturday.

See you there and stop by for some Cab if you are up this way.

Go Bears,
Jeffrey Earl Warren ‘70

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KiBO said...

The lower Section T discussion re: Coach T's 4th quarter waning mins calls was a mixed bag. But, most saw the field goal try as a chance to give Tavecchio a game situation FG rep.