Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Cal Fan's Notes/Judge Lifts Injunction--Injures Back

Bear Fans,

Finally something to write home about.

After 19 months and more than 40,000 pages of documentation, (at an estimated cost of $50,000 per day) the Judge has lifted the injunction. I had forgotten that the judiciary in Berkeley is exempt from the 6th Amendment and that silly speedy trial stuff. This is the problem with slow white judges. We need some wheels in our judiciary.

Alas, Poor Tom Bates (Mayor of Berkeley and former Cal Footballer) has thoroughly disgraced himself by using Cal for political traction. He’s up for the Scott McClellan loyalty badge.

Despite all that, I think the rumors about his alleged affair with Dumpster Muffin are mostly exaggerations. We’ve all had one beer too many and shouldn’t make judgments.

That he woke up after a three day bender and said, “I sued who?” is pure gossip.

What I love about Berkeley’s claim to radicalism and being of the people:

Who got hurt most by this delay? Athletes of Color and women athletes. So much for advancing the cause of minorities and dedication to diversity.

Zachery Runningwolf (he of the So-sue-me Tribe) is going to have to find other 18 year old aimless and homeless kids from Vermont to hang out with. At least with those children he had much to talk about and was considered in the top 50% in critical thinking and intellectual prowess. Way to go, Dude! Maybe this will free you up to join some junior high kids in a protest against school dress codes.

Just cut and paste nter_construc
Larry Shikuma passed along the following. It’s an interview with new
offensive coordinator, Frank Cignetti:

You will note that Dilfer introduced Tedford to Cignetti. Dilfer’s dad is former Aptos football coach and Cal Fullback, Frank Lynch.

Lynch was also a fullback at Cal. I was on the Freshman team when he was a senior. We lost the Big Game that year. My college roommate razzed Lynch about the loss in the hall way, late that night. As I was a freshman pledge in the Psi U house, it was my job to clean up the blood on the wall. Repairing the cartilage in his nose was beyond my pay scale.

Go Bears,

P.S. Yes, I am taking Amtrak back to Washington D.C. I leave Emeryville (time for a few hands at the Key Club) on Tuesday and arrive in D.C. on Friday. It’s expensive. If anyone else is interested and has no life, go on the web and check it out. I have a sleeper with two bunks. Unfortunately, I have a nose with two nostrils.

PPSS On my Radio show today at 5pm(it goes out to 6 people). I'll be interviewing Jesse Choper former dean of Boalt Hall. We'll be talking about the Supreme Court. It's a local station 1440am, but you can stream it live at

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