Friday, October 19, 2007

A Cal Fan's Notes/L.A. Safari

Awoke this morning with that tingling feeling. In a few hours we’d be skying to LaLa land in anticipation of battling the Bruins. The thrill is back. The pulse is racing. While everyone I know has been dragging his chin over what might have been, I hopped out of bed, hyped and ready for our L.A. Safari.
As we’d been in the African bush and out of communication for almost three weeks, we weren’t a part of the Uber-High you all felt when we were ranked #2, nor were we in Strawberry Canyon for the Uber-low apr├Ęs le clock running out on our one chance to be ranked #1 since the Rolling Stones first sang "Satisfaction", shortly after the War of 1812.
For moi it’s just Cal/UCLA and a chance to revenge Maurice Drew of two years ago. (And Greib tackling Dummit at the 3 oh, so long ago).
In some respects I’m glad. I’m a Rose Bowl kindda guy. And though playing for a national championship has its appeal (not the least of it is Bourbon St), at my age, I’m not about to pout about a trip to the Rose Bowl, first.
But I'm ahead of myself. All things in good time—and a win tomorrow keeps us on track for Pasadena.
To those of us of a certain vintage, an L.A. Safari is a chance to go from Eldridge Cleaver to Elder Cleavage (I use that one every year) in one hour’s time.
Like our African Safari, we’ll be tracking the “Big Five.” But rather than hunting for Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo, this week it’ll be Lindsay, Paris, Matt, Jack and Bob. Like their African namesakes, Hollywood’s big five only come out at night—or occasionally in the day time if they have to appear for an arraignment
Just as in Africa we have guides, John and Lindsay (he did "Hide and Seek" with Bob—see how easy it is to drop names L.A. style). They know the secret haunts. Plus they are young so they speak the language. “Word.”
When you come from a town so small that if you blink, you’ll miss it, it’s a hoot to go to a town where if you can blink, it means you’re under 50.
(Notice coaches in L.A. never say they’re “adding a new wrinkle” to the offense. Wrinkles are persona non gratis). Beau Tawks is a highly sought after recruit.
Last year for SC, they took us to the Sky Bar where apparently one had to be on the Dow Corning mailing list just to get in. Anyone who considers the Peninsula Silicon Valley has never been to this watering hole.
Of course the waitresses, er starlet’s, have no interest in us. At least they didn’t last time until I humbly mentioned that we were out-of-towners—only down to review a script to see if we’d invest in it. With that they crowded around us like children in an African village looking for a piece of candy.
To say they were falling all over us would be an understatement. Two years ago, one literally tripped and did a face plant on Squirm’s head, opening a two inch gash on his pate.
You can take the boys out of the fraternity, but you can’t take....
Anyway, last year the youngsters headed out for “Hide” the new hot spot where they cavorted with Paris while we oldsters foolishly turned in early (at midnight).
Fittingly, we’ll be dining at “Cut” as we prepare to stalk our game, and don our game faces for the Bruins.
This is a great year for the Bears. We control our own destiny. And it’s all about the Pac 10, not Mac Brown’s friends deciding where we will play.
ASU is a pretender and the Bruins can be bagged—big time. It’s wonderful to have a young qb trying to fill in for the seasoned vet—it’s the making of a Chip Hilton Sports story.
Just as Lions go in for a kill if opportunity presents itself, tomorrow could be a slaughter. We have a chance to score more often than an Alpha Male on the prowl. If we are the elite team which whupped the Vols, then we can surely do it, on the road, in La La Land.
If we aren’t, then there’s no sense wasting any energy thinking about last week. We would have been exposed quicker than a Jay Lo thigh, if not this week, then next. (How do you spell these names anyway?)
Look for Forsett to gain close to 200 yards and both Jahvid and Desean to break off big gainers.
This is the perfect game for Tedford to take the shackles off and spring some surprises.
It’s Pac 10 Football, on the Road—playing for all the marbles. To a Cal fan, life doesn’t get any better than this.

See you there (If I have a buxom babe on my arm, you’ll recognize her. Rosie O’Donnell is hard to miss).

Go Bears,
Jeffrey Earl Warren ‘70

From Linda, and amazing recruiting site

Bear Injury updates:
Nate Longshore shared the first-team repetitions with backup Kevin Riley on Thursday. Just a day earlier, Longshore hobbled around the field and had trouble even trying to hand off the ball.Longshore "looked a lot better today," Tedford said Thursday. Longshore was still a little gimpy Thursday, but his passes were much crisper than a day before, when he struggled to push off his right ankle and hung a couple of passes up for grabs. Longshore will be the Bears' starting quarterback when he's healthy enough to return to the field. Cal coach Jeff Tedford said he will decide on a starting quarterback for Saturday's game at UCLA just before kickoff........Robert Jordan and Cameron Morrah, who each have a sprained shoulder, practiced for the first time this week Thursday, and Tedford expects both to play Saturday. Jordan took most of the first-team repetitions before removing his shoulder pads midway through practice, and Morrah participated in all contact drills without a hitch......Defensive back Brandon Hampton took reps at cornerback and safety as rover Marcus Ezeff is continuing to heal from a quadriceps strain. Defensive coordinator Bob Gregory said Ezeff will travel but probably won't play............ Defensive end Rulon Davis was in a helmet, doing agility drills on the sideline and running stairs, for the first time since injuring his foot in Week 3 against Louisiana Tech.

From Greg;
CAL web site: Cal-UCLA Game To Be Televised By ABC at 12:30 p.m. as Bears Now Have 11 Games Scheduled for Telecast The University of California is guaranteed of matching its record for televised games this year as the Pacific-10 Conference announced today that the Oct. 20 game at UCLA will be televised by ABC beginning at 12:30 p.m. from the Rose Bowl. This marks the 11th game scheduled for television matching the number of televised games from 2005 and 2006. The only remaining regular season game that has not yet been scheduled for tv is the Nov. 17 contest at Washington. ABC will make a selection on either that game or the Oregon State vs. Washington State game on either Nov. 5 or Nov. 11. This weekend, the Golden Bears host Oregon State for Homecoming at memorial Stadium. The game will kickoff at 4 p.m. on Versus. Versus is a national cable network that is available in 72 million homes. To find out if Versus is available in specific areas, visit and input the zip code for that area. On Comcast in the Bay Area, it is Channel 75, while on Direct TV, it is Channel 603. Tickets remain available for the Oregon State game by visiting or by calling 1-800-GO-BEARS. Cal has climbed to No. 2 in the country in the national rankings this week, its highest ranking since the 1951 season when the Golden Bears held the No. 1 ranking in the nation for one week midway through the year. Remaining games that are already scheduled to be televised are Oregon State (10/13, Versus, 4 p.m.), UCLA (10/20, ABC, 12:30 p.m.), Arizona State (10/27, FSN, 7 p.m.), Washington State (11/3, FSN, 7 p.m.), USC (Nov. 10, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2, 5 p.m.) and Stanford (12/1, Versus, 4 p.m.). Television networks make their selections for remaining games 12 or six days prior to the game. In the first five years of head coach Jeff Tedford's tenure, 47 Cal football games have been televised; in the five years prior to that, just 30 Cal games were televised. National television broadcasts have more than doubled in that time. The Colorado State game marked Cal's first game on CSTV while the Arizona game was Cal's debut on Versus.