Friday, August 31, 2007

A Cal Fan's Notes/Do's and Don'ts for Tennessee Game


Tomorrow’s the day we’ve been waiting 8,736 hours for.

Nothing better than waking up early, racing down in the morning, then sloooooooooowly reading the Chron, saving the Bears article for last. If only it were fall—not summer.

Won’t be able to get to the parking lot until noon. Game starts at 5pm.

As you know by now, the Bay Bridge will be closed.

Apparently, they are trying to head off suicide attempts in case the Bears lose. Good move.

If the fence is still up, please don’t feed the animals. They’re in their habitat and ‘Merican food, like beer and dogs will be rejected as foreign matter. However, anything you can roll and light will no doubt be appreciated.

In fact, here is a list of do’s and don’ts which will help us all during tomorrow’s gridiron clash.

Do learn the difference between Tubas and Sousas (See Willy’s correction of my ignorance, below).

Do bring your chain saw. Do not forget the chainsaw oil, extra gas or sharpener. Do Wear blue. Don’t wear Orange: Hint. Unless you’re inhaling it, no Tan in a Can before kickoff.

Do ask the athletic department for “executive” Porta Potties (like they have at golf tourneys, wine auctions etc) for the ladies. Don’t enter a porta potty within 100 yards of any government official.

(Can you believe the Politically correct crowd now says there’s something wrong with holding hands with a complete stranger while taking one’s morning constitutional in an airport? What’s this world coming to?) .

Speaking of government officials, Do write ex-footballer now Berkley Mayor Tom Bates and ask him what would happen to a Tennessee Mayor if he sued his Alma Mater over athletic facilities. Don’t use two words: “Tar” or “Feathers”.


Don’t count on Desean. He’ll be there, but we may be putting too much on him too soon. Do look for big plays from Jordan, Craig Stevens, and at least one from Jahvid Best.

Do look for Stevens to get at least one Big Boy Hit. It’s payback time.

Bishop was a young man of high character and got the most out of his talent. He will be missed. Do watch Worrel Williams and find out why he is one of those 17 the scout from the Eagles was talking about.

Do watch for Zack Follet to cause at least one turn over. And unless Chip Hilton Sports stories aren’t true, look for Syd'Quan Thompson to get at least one pick.

Ainge is a great athlete, but don’t expect him to be at his best if, indeed, his pinkie is broken. Do check for needle marks.

To be hospitable to our guests from Tennessee, do carry Jack Daniels in your “binoculars.” Don’t carry beer in the stadium hidden in your socks. Your ankles may be mistaken for those of female tree sitters.

And finally: They’re handing out horns, free before the game. How times have changed. We spent 4 plus years on that campus looking for horns behind every tree, and now they’re giving ‘em away, free. Timing.

Go Bears,
Jeffrey Earl Warren ‘70

A great article to prepare you Golden Bears Prepare For Season Opener Versus Tennessee

Willey’s letter on Tubas and Sousas:

Jeff, Like most erudite Gold campers you have misnamed the famous highsteppers in the Cal Band. This is quite common as your classmates always cheer, "tuba, tuba, tuba." Clearly y'all attended primary school after they dropped band class. The tuba is a large bass brass instrument that one holds with both arms extended in front with a medium sized bell pointing to the sky. Compared to the range of string instruments, it is similar to the cello.

The elders amongst us will remember John Phillip and his wonderful brass marching music which included the sousaphone. This larger brass instrument actually wraps around the musician while resting on his/her shoulder. The tone of the sousaphone might be compared the the string bass. These small differences in musical range, instrument size and tonal qualities may seem insignificant to most observers but believe me the players of sousaphones shudder at the cheer of "tuba." Can we reeducate a rooting section? Don't think so. Can't even get the Mic Men to bring back the coach yell, though I keep trying. "Sousa, Sousa, Sousa" Keep the wonderful epistles coming anyway!
Willie Thurlow
Camp Blue
AFROTC Band Cheer Leader

Good info From Greg .............Some good news on the stadium front from two sources (perhaps momentum is starting to swing our way?): "An Alameda County Superior Court Judge ruled..that a fence around the oak grove adjacent to Memorial Stadium can remain in place..AND "UC Berkeley administrators are preparing to negotiate a settlement in the pending lawsuit over plans that include a proposed athletic training center next to Memorial Stadium..the opening of negotiations comes after both Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates and Chancellor Robert Birgeneau recently said publicly that they would be interested in negotiating a settlement. “As Mayor and as a former Cal football player, I share in the desire to see this disagreement resolved quickly and fairly,” Bates said in a statement released Wednesday..Representatives from both sides said they wanted to avoid a court hearing scheduled for Sept. 19."..............Starting fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou, who sprained his medial collateral ligament, practiced at full speed Thursday and is expected to play Saturday............... In the interest of public safety, Gates 2-4, the Memorial Stadium entrances closest to the tree-sitters will be closed Saturday, a Cal spokesman said. Fans are encouraged to arrive early and use the north or south entrances...............We are doing our part tonight to welcome some of the Tenn. fans. A group of us CAL fans have invited a group of Tenn. fans to join us at Mudd's Restaurant in San Ramon. John, owner of Mudd's, met these fans while having dinner last year in Tenn. before that game, and they wanted to meet us again when they came out to the game this year at CAL...........don't forget Bear fans, we need the entire Memorial stadium crowd behind the team tomorrow, as we need to beat Tenn. to start down the long road of making 2007 a great season.

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