Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Cal Fan's Notes: Four More Days


We’re getting close. The jitters are already setting in. Waking up in the middle of the night. Actually looking forward to reading the Chronicle.

Clearly, it’s time to start drinking.

You’ve seen the polls. You’ve read the hype. You’re telling yourself this time it’s the real deal. The competition will be fierce. Do we have a chance? Well we’ll find out September 19th and 20th, when the Trial takes place.

The one thing the tree sitters and we fans will have in common is lots of splinters in our Levis.

Besides that, there’ll be a game on Saturday against Davy Crockett’s finest. Once again, they have sucked us in. We believe we can win this one.

Yet, are we (once again) putting all our eggs in one basket? Anyone remember the let down last year? Can anyone who was there forget?

Well, you’ve all seen the rankings. People pick us to end up about the same as last year—12 to 14th. (SI has us 20th—107th in the swim suit issue). Hope my daughter (a 5th year sophomore—or does it just seem that way) doesn’t read this.

For what it’s worth, my friend’s buddy (I get all my knowledge through rumor) scouts for an Eastern Division NFL team. He says “Cal’s loaded! We’re looking at 17 guys.” (18, I assume, counting me). If you think I’m kidding, Wino just sent this article in.


If one 59 year old can play at the NCAA level, why not one with a girlish figure like moi?. Anyway, Tedford’s done wonders on many fronts, but the talent front is key—and some folks think we’ve got a couple of players.

Alas, we’ve got question marks, as well. Can our pom pon girls match up to their cheer leaders? What about the battle of the bands? Will our tuba players kick higher than ever, or suffer from cement legs? Will Cindy remember the right proportions for the "Pink Panty Pull Downs? (Vodka, Cranberry Juice, and just a splash of sprite).

With apologies to Sartre, here’s the existential question of the day. Where do you not want to find yourself? Michael Vick’s Dog House, or Senator Larry Craig’s out house? Maybe they could be cell mates?

Anyway, if you're a Cal fan whose feeling the "vibes" below are some articles sent by Greg, Linda, R.G., Coleman, and Wino--just to keep your hearts pumping. Just click and enjoy.

Four more days! Four more Days!

Go Bears,
Jeffrey Earl Warren '70
www.jeffwarren.com .

per the CAL football web site on Thursday night, "roughly 4,000 students gathered in Memorial Stadium to watch California's football practice on Thursday evening. After the drills, head coach Jeff Tedford addressed the crowd encouraging and thanking the student-body for their support. Seniors Thomas DeCoud and Tom Schneider and juniors DeSean Jackson and Nate Longshore also participated in organized events for the students. After the practice, Tedford announced that redshirt freshman Kevin Riley will be the team's second-string quarterback heading into the season. Tedford stressed the race was close, but only one quarterback can take reps with the second team. "There's really not a huge gap there whatsoever," said head coach Jeff Tedford on his decision to name Riley the second string quarterback. "They both (Riley and Kyle Reed) did a really nice job through camp. There isn't really a lot of separation, but that is the way we are going into the season." Cal participated in a variety of drills, focusing on 11-on-11 situations and 7-on-7 tutorials. Running backs Jahvid Best and James Montgomery had effective runs in a lot of the sessions."

From Linda:

Click on Pac 10 Sleeper Stories


From R.G.

Here’s the depth chart as posted on Monday


From Coleman


From Wino:

The 59 year old who made the team


The California Golden Bears are ranked No. 12 in both the USA Today/ESPN Coaches and the Associated Press Top 25 polls to begin the season. The No. 12 ranking matches the fourth-highest preseason ranking for Cal. In 1951, Pappy Waldorf's Golden Bears were ranked No. 5 while in both 1952 and last year, the Bears checked in with a No. 9 preseason touting. This season marks just the 11th year that Cal has held a preseason ranking from the AP, including the current stretch of four straight years. From 1955 to 2003, the Bears appeared just twice in the poll. Under head coach Jeff Tedford, California has been ranked No. 13 (2004), No. 19 (2005), No. 9 (2006) and now No. 12 in AP Preseason Polls.

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