Thursday, September 14, 2006


Bear Fans,

How mad was Minnesota coach Glen Mason when he heard Tedford had replaced Holmo? Turns out, during his 10 year career at Minnesota, Mason had never played a ranked, non-conference game. Cal was to have been on par with Kent State. Who could have blamed him 6 years ago (or whenever) he put us on his schedule?
How happy was Mason (after the game) that Tennessee was not on his schedule. It's never fun to get slaughtered by a team which got slaughtered by a team the week before--especially if you have to play the latter. Whew!
How perplexed is the world at the Air Force/Tennessee score--31 to 30?
Fourthly. How ticked off was he that the Bears chose this week to actually play Marshawn Lynch: 27 carries, 139 yrds. 194 yards counting kick offs--0 yards receiving.
Should this be the Bears template, it may yet turn out to be an interesting season. Especially, if like Tennessee he catches a couple of passes.
Fifthly, how happy is Tedford that Longshore completed 22 of 31 passes for 300 yards and 4 TD's. My guess--not nearly as happy as he is that the O line gave him the time to do it.
Not to take one thing away from Longshore. He is a fine young man with talent. But those of us who were down in Tennessee, have to give major props to the O line. With time--Longshore can do it all. So can Ayoob and Levy. So, let's not put too much emphasis on any QB controversy. With an outstanding line, we win with any one of the three. Let me rephrase that: With an outstanding line, and Lynch carrying over 20 times per game, we win with anyone of the three. And they will be the first ones to tell you this is so.
Life was good on Saturday--but the Gophers were slow--at least compared to Tennessee.
Major Props to Tedford and Gregory as well. Who knew who was going to show up this weekend after the debacle on Rocky Top. These are just college aged kids, and very emotional. (See Tennessee/Air Force). Getting them "up" is no easy task--especially after a humiliating loss. I don't want to become Pollyanna, but we may have some fun Saturdays in front of us.
A few factoids:
Jackson has 4 td's in two games.
Longshore was Pac 10 Player of the week Nate Longshore Earns Pac-10 Player of the Week Honor
For the first time since the Oct. 18, 2003, game at UCLA, Cal had two receivers hit the 100-yard receiving plateau. Lavelle Hawkins finished today with a game-high 125 yards, while DeSean Jackson had 114 yards. In the UCLA game.
Sophomore WR Lavelle Hawkins had his best receiving game for yardage and catches in a Bear uniform today, hauling in nine receptions for 125 yards.
Sophomore WR DeSean Jackson caught a career-best three TDs in today's win. His previous best was two against BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl last year. The last Cal player to have three TD catches in a game was Robert Jordan (3) at Washington Sept. 10, 2005.
Junior TB Marshawn Lynch carried the ball 27 times for 139 yards and two TDs, moving him into a tie for fourth all-time in Cal history with 10 games with at least 100-yards rushing to his credit.
Forsett carried 12 times for 78 yards, after being shut out in Knoxville.
Attendance: 55,035 - Cal has drawn at least 50,000 fans in 12 straight home games.

Minorly scary things: On the first play, a simple play action pass had the receiver wide open for a gain. The Gophers proceeded to push us around like Tennessee did. For some reason, that ended fast.
2nd scary thing: A 99 kick off return for a touch. We have a new special teams coach, but those break downs on punts and kick offs killed us last year. Guess is this is not a harbinger for the future, but something which must we watched.
Can't tell any funny stories, as we actually had to watch it on TV from John Gardiner's Tennis Ranch. All last year we worked hard to put together a tennis weekend which didn't conflict with the Bears. Then they switched the schedule and not only did we get Portland St., we got Minnesota last weekend. The best laid plans....
Here are a couple of articles from the web site:

9/9/06Bears Bounce Back With 42-17 Romp Over Gophers
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Memorial Stadium Improvements Enhance Fan Experience

If you get up to the Napa Valley during the harvest (as long as there is no home game) stop by for a glass of wine. Hope to see you all at the games. (If you have no life, check out the new website it has Cal Fan's Notes, plus St. Helena Star articles (which are of interest to nobody).

Go Bears,
Jeffrey Earl Warren '70

Here’s some great stuff from Mary and Linda

Reminder to all season ticket holders - check your packets - each reserved season ticket has two vouchers for the Portland State game which can be redeemed at the stadium game day or the ticket office prior. With this promotion and youth penny day it would be great to fill the stadium with LOUD fans!

Go Bears
MaryLinda Stiefel wrote:
Did you know...Portland State University began as Vanport Extension Center in 1947The last team PSU played (and whupped, 45-3) was Northern Colorado, whose mascot name is...the BearsOn Monday, after that game, the second string kicker stabbed the first string kicker in the thigh of his kicking leg in a behind the back, nighttime attack. He was subsequently arrested when he was seen pulling tape off the license plates of his car at a nearby 7-11 Cal's QB, Nate Longshore, and PSU QB, Sawyer Smith, were BOTH named Offensive Player of the Week this week for their respective conferencesCal is ranked 21st in their division, PSU is ranked 13th in theirs The president of PSU, Daniel Bernstine, is a Cal graduateWR for PSU, Senior Brendon Ferrigno (9 catches, 203 yds, 2 TDs so far this season), is the son of Cal's wide receiver's coach, Dan Ferrigno (and thereby related by marriage to our very own chancellor, Michael Conn) and will be playing against him for the first time this SaturdayPac 10's Oregon has played PSU twice before and will play them again later this season; PSU is 0-5 against the Pac 10PSU may be playing against the largest crowd in their history against Cal if we can fill the seats with the PennySaver promo ( 4 kids for a penny each with one full price adult admission). Their previous road game attendance record was 56,066 at Oregon in '02...Andy- I can't find a line for the game, did you?????

See y'all Saturday!GO BEARS!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Whither a Cal Fan's Notes?

Now that the season is getting underway, it's time for full disclosure. This is not your daughter's "Fan's Notes". In fact, she should never read it. This started a couple of years ago when I took my first road trip in many a moon. It was back to Kansas City. Though the Bears lost, the trip was such a hoot; I had to share it with some friends. Only I could go on a trip and almost start a riot with one of our Best Cal Friends (and personal good friend of mine) as the centerpiece of a (wouldbe) midwestern brawl. Some in the development office were not amused. But after I wrote about the trip and the many, many laughs we had (Who can forget Raoul's Velvet Curtain?) an alumnus, whom many of you know much better than I do, by the way-Stan Dzura wrote back and "Pleaded" for more news on the Bears, and the trips surrounding their games. Living on the Big Island of Hawaii, news of the Bears, was like girls' bathing costumes-scanty to say the least. Who'd a thunk it, but I got e-mails from L.A., the Dessert, Arizona, The Northwest, England, Rome, The South Seas-pleading for the same. It was incredible how many people were starved for Bear news.Now Dzura was a footballer and Rugger--among other things which will go unmentioned. I was a Rugger and footballer (major injury--splinters from the bench). However, one can't use my name in the same sentence with Stanley's. The only difference between the two of us was about 100 pounds and 50,000 BTU's of ability. Though our talents were incompatible, our love of the Bears resonated between the two of us. Naturally, it made sense that if I were trying to describe Cal games from my meager perspective to Stanley, that it might appeal to other footballers and Ruggers.So that was the original list. Footballers, Ruggers, and some Lair of the Bear types.Not necessarily taken from your Christian Science Monitor Reading list.Having two College age daughters of my own, I know well that Footballers and Ruggers are not necessarily the men I want dating my kids. (On the other hand, they are often the best kids in the world). I know too, that no father wanted me or my friends dating his kids. The Lord works in strange ways.Well, for better or worse, the original recipients of these notes were that "market"--bawdy, rough and tumble, laugh too loud, drink too much, physical men. I might add, that generally (not all, but generally) they may not be too politically correct. And as a card carrying member of the Civil Rights Movements in the 60's, I despise the thought police, and abhor today's attempts at political correctness as being not only unhelpful, but damaging to the cause of equal rights. For example, I forwarded a letter written by someone else which had (in the midst of a lot of Bear news) a Koby Bryant reference. Someone e-mailed me to complain. I just took her name off the list and explained that I don't have time to censor other folks' stuff. But I digress.. Many folks have asked to be added, and many others have provided me lists of names that "should" be on the list. Alas, the list has expanded to just over 1700 Bears. That's good news and bad news. I haven't a clue who many these fine folks are, but theoretically we all share a love for Cal. And I love getting notes from them, and meeting them before games. It's been great. Cal Alumni are something else.But it is unlikely that all of you share our sense of humor. To some it is offensive. If you don't wish to receive something which will probably be at the intellectual level of a 19 year old rugby player, who's had too many beers and is certain he can jump off a third story balcony without hurting himself--just to impress some coy Rugger Hugger with an IQ slightly lower than his jersey number--please drop me a note or put "Remove" on the subject line.It is not my intent to offend, but often this style humor is not for everybody. It's meant for adults who can keep things in perspective. It can be sacrilegious, bawdy--and decidedly old school. In other words, a lot like a few of us.Also, despite the huge salary I get for doing this, it will be inconsistent and often filled with errors. Having all these mouths (dogs, cats, kids, a wife) running around yelling "Feed me. Feed me."--I just don't have time to make this as professional as it should be. Fortunately, people correct me and I try to forward their corrections on. Actually, I like the interaction. As a father with two extremely athletic daughters, and a former member of the Cal Women's Athletic Board, I strongly support and promote women's Athletics. However, this started with football--and is for footballers. I'm happy to include, occasionally, interesting blips about other sports, but I find it odd that some will e-mail me and rag on me for not mentioning more about "Their" sport. I have neither the time nor the talent to do it. It's not that I don't care--it's just that my staff is a little thin, so to speak.So, if bawdy, politically incorrect, sacrilegious is not your bag, no prob. Let's be friends and root for the Bears--but just let me know in advance, so you are not offended. This is meant to stir up good will, not create any bad will.As Oscar Wilde said, "Vulgarity is the last refuge of the inarticulate #%@*#%^@!You are now all forewarned.

Go bears,Jeffrey Earl Warren '70