Monday, August 28, 2006


Just typing those words sends shivers. I can't believe it is actually happening. We're in the big time, and we have a chance. Not since Pappy's days....
Tedford called over the weekend. Wanted to know what I would do regarding the QB situation. I demurred, electing instead to say "on short yardage--go straight at 'em. 4th and one or less--take it to 'em. Show the line you believe in them. No options--no fancy dancy."
"Do what you do best, until they stop it--then attack where they became weak."
Then I quoted Cosmic Ray. He may have bored us each and every Saturday, by repeating it, but on this one he was right: "Stress the Kicking game, for there the breaks are made."
Still, he called because he wanted to know how I would handle the competition at QB. Before I could answer, my wife, Cindy yelled, "Will you finish taking out the garbage, already! Stop gazing off into the sky."
I forget what my reply would have been, had I not been so rudely interrupted.
Guess the coach is on his own on this one.
So what are we to make of all this "ink." Should we get sucked in and believe our press clippings? Is it all jinxing us? Have we finally arrived on the national stage? Is it going to be worth it, if we have? Lee Corso (see Below) actually announced on ESPN that we will win the BCS National Championship!
Will the players be flat, believeing the hype? Quien Sabes? What we do know is that we've reached a new, stratosphere, where the air is awfully thin and raw rookies, like us (fans) could make plenty of bonehead mistakes and pass out prematurely from the dizzing heights.
It will be interesting to watch how we, the players, the coaches and the University handle all this.
Looking forward to seeing so many of you in Tennessee. Below are some activities and some bits of info from some of the Guys. Siamas' Anagram is one for the books.
Go Bears,
Jeffrey Earl Warren '70

P.S. For those of you packing your "pump" please don't put it in your carry on. If you do, don't do like that guy did last week, (as reported on TV and in the Chronicle) and tell security it is a bomb. I liked his lawyer's defense: "He was standing next to his mother and he didn't want to say what it was, in front of her."
I get it. It's okay if your mom thinks you are a mass murderer, but heaven forbid she should find out you are a mass--oh forget it!

From, Si:
What do they mean we have no quarterback?
I am pleased to report that in rereading "The DeSean Code" last night I uncovered the following undeniable evidence that a sterling performance from both Longshore and Ayoob is forthcoming in Knoxville. The chapter heading entitled "When Two Cal Bears Unveiled Talent" is in fact an anagram for "We Can And Will Beat The Volunteers".
Any more questions?

I just watched the College Game Day Preview on ESPN. The panelists were asked to pick conference champs and the participants in the Natl Championship game. Lee Corso picked the Bears to win the PAC ten and to play West Virginia in the Natl Title game. Wouldn't that be something. I just hope that the team can live up to all the preseason expectations. Go Bears!!

Dave and Marym. Mills "Freedom Isn't Free" DAV

Jeff, the New York Times did two unprecedented things in their Sunday paper, Aug 27, on the Sports pages.

1) In their review of the Pac-10, they placed USC at the big favorite, but the only photo than ran was of Marshawn Lynch. Somebody "did good" for the Bears on the PR front or USCs PR machine was caught napping. Clip below.

2) On the page where they show the pre-conference national rankings, the only photo they show is of the Cal rooting section. I have attached a PDF of it. My hats off to whomever pulled that off.

Doug Patterson '66

from CAA: Attention All Cal Fans!!! Show your support and spirit for the Bears as they take on Tennessee:

*** Cal at Calhoun's - Friday, Sept. 1, 9 p.m.
Cal @ Calhoun’s on the Tennessee River Alumni Event
400 Neyland Drive, Downtown Knoxville (on the Tennessee River), For more information:
Cal at Calhoun's
This is a drop-in place for Cal folks to come and feel welcome in Knoxville. There is food and drink available for purchase with no scheduled program. The Cal Band will entertain us at around 10 p.m.
Saturday, September 2, 9:00AM-11:00AM Pom Poms & Pastries! Go Bears! Rally with other Cal supporters and start the morning out right by grabbing your Cal pom pom and pastry.
Knoxville Marriott, South Blount Room, 500 Hill Avenue SE, Knoxville TN, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
*** Pre-Game Tailgate - Saturday, Sept. 2, 1:30 p.m.
Join all the Cal Bear fans to celebrate the first tailgate of the 2006 football season. Bask in air-conditioned luxury while enjoying authentic Tennessee cooking, inspirational words from Sandy Barbour and Craig Morton, and the **famous** Cal Band!

And from Greg:
We just returned from the annual CAL Fan Appreciation Day held at Memorial Stadium this morning. As expected, it was a large crowd and the weather was great. There was almost a one-hour wait to get an autograph from Coach Tedford, and a longer wait to get a signature from Marshawn Lynch (I did not wait in the Lynch line, but had to say hello to Jeff). Jeff and Donna Tedford are both very happy that their eldest son (of two) is enrolled at CAL starting this Fall semester (this is good news as maybe that means that the Coach will be around for AT LEAST 4 more years!). As always, all of the players were great. The lingering concern for me about the start of this season in less than a week is the back problem for QB Nate Longshore. Though Nate said he was feeling great and was ready to go, he reportedly did not practice this morning (and has been held out now for 5 days since last Tuesday). Football camp ended with an 8am scrimmage this morning before most fans arrived at 10:30, the team gets a day off tomorrow, and then they have "regular" workouts next week at 7am followed by practices at 2:30 pm (classes start at CAL on Monday). A key to the QB situation may be whether Longshore can practice on Monday after getting another day of rest tomorrow. If he can not practice by early next week, he may not be able to play at all against the Vols. With Levy not making the trip to Tenn. due to his suspension, that could essentially leave Joe Ayoob as the man at QB.

If anyone needs a ticket to the Tenn. game next Saturday, or if any one of you living on the East Coast can make last minute arrangements to drive down to the game and waited too long to get a ticket (we sold out the CAL section a few months back), now is your chance to go to the game and sit in the CAL section! I have ONE extra ticket in our group. Our group is in section "GG", which is in the top level off the corner of the end zone. We are in row 16, which is half way up in this section (the section has 33 rows). We are leaving Weds. morning and I will have no e-mail access after Weds at 8am. Therefore, if interested in the ticket, e-mail me before Weds. morning. Also, as we will be gone from Wednesday thru Sunday, there will be no CAL sports e-mails from me after we leave for Tennessee until Monday (Labor Day). We fly into Nashville on Wednesday evening, then drive to Knoxville on Friday to partake in all of the CAA activities and pre-game hype. I understand that Knoxville is just crawling with Tenn. fans (over 100,000 of them) for two days before the game.

A fun article (the first one below after my notes) was posted by Gary. A few quotes from that article below: "This season, there should be a mad scramble for the top many as 10 or 12 teams could end up as legitimate contenders.............An entire season of anarchy and a BCS computer sputtering out of control.......In my ultimate fantasy, the BCS championship game at the Fiesta Bowl will have the small-time feel of a Holiday Bowl (did somebody say West Virginia vs. California-Berkeley?).......Predictions — National championship game: West Virginia vs. California. What, you thought I was joking? Why not the Mountaineers vs. the Golden Bears? a season when no team seems superior, why not hope for a few strangers to wander into the national championship picture?"
NEW USA Today Football Fan poll: The poll appears Monday nights on and Tuesdays in USA TODAY throughout the season except after the Labor Day weekend, when it will run in the paper Wednesday. The preseason poll is based on a nationally representative sample of 400 college football fans recruited by Gallup. Fans had to demonstrate a high degree of interest in and knowledge of the sport and commit to being a serious evaluator of teams as the season unfolds. The Bears are ranked #15 in this poll, and received one vote for #1. Full poll at the following link: USA Today poll

Location: Knoxville Convention Center 701 Henley Street Knoxville, TN 37902 See map Time: 1:30 p.m. Bar opens; 2 p.m. Food opens; 3 p.m. Program; 4 p.m. Food closes; 5 p.m. Tailgate closes) This is the place to be before the game! Join 500 fellow Cal alumni in air conditioned luxury and enjoy BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans and more while the Cal Band plays for us. There is a special discount for CAA members, young alumni, and Cal students. The University of Tennessee tells us the pre-game show starts at 4:30pm, so we want to give you plenty of time to get to the stadium. August 29th is the last day to RSVP online.
Dale posts: "fyi… click on the links for details. Maybe something for your next group email." Viewing Parties for Cal v. Tennessee Sept. 2, 2006

Other Tennessee info. John E posted to me a link (below), from which you can see the view from your seats if you are going to this game.(coming soon) John also posted another web site that has a lot of good Tenn. game info.: (coming soon) Also, another reader posts: "Hi Greg, RockinGrannyVol has invited posters on the BearInsider football message board to a tailgate before the game - starting at 8 AM (?) Information is here. (coming soon) There's a LOT of talk about the Tennessee game, where to eat, etc. on the CyberBears Football message board: