Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Whither a Cal Fan's Notes?

Now that the season is getting underway, it's time for full disclosure. This is not your daughter's "Fan's Notes". In fact, she should never read it. This started a couple of years ago when I took my first road trip in many a moon. It was back to Kansas City. Though the Bears lost, the trip was such a hoot; I had to share it with some friends. Only I could go on a trip and almost start a riot with one of our Best Cal Friends (and personal good friend of mine) as the centerpiece of a (wouldbe) midwestern brawl. Some in the development office were not amused. But after I wrote about the trip and the many, many laughs we had (Who can forget Raoul's Velvet Curtain?) an alumnus, whom many of you know much better than I do, by the way-Stan Dzura wrote back and "Pleaded" for more news on the Bears, and the trips surrounding their games. Living on the Big Island of Hawaii, news of the Bears, was like girls' bathing costumes-scanty to say the least. Who'd a thunk it, but I got e-mails from L.A., the Dessert, Arizona, The Northwest, England, Rome, The South Seas-pleading for the same. It was incredible how many people were starved for Bear news.Now Dzura was a footballer and Rugger--among other things which will go unmentioned. I was a Rugger and footballer (major injury--splinters from the bench). However, one can't use my name in the same sentence with Stanley's. The only difference between the two of us was about 100 pounds and 50,000 BTU's of ability. Though our talents were incompatible, our love of the Bears resonated between the two of us. Naturally, it made sense that if I were trying to describe Cal games from my meager perspective to Stanley, that it might appeal to other footballers and Ruggers.So that was the original list. Footballers, Ruggers, and some Lair of the Bear types.Not necessarily taken from your Christian Science Monitor Reading list.Having two College age daughters of my own, I know well that Footballers and Ruggers are not necessarily the men I want dating my kids. (On the other hand, they are often the best kids in the world). I know too, that no father wanted me or my friends dating his kids. The Lord works in strange ways.Well, for better or worse, the original recipients of these notes were that "market"--bawdy, rough and tumble, laugh too loud, drink too much, physical men. I might add, that generally (not all, but generally) they may not be too politically correct. And as a card carrying member of the Civil Rights Movements in the 60's, I despise the thought police, and abhor today's attempts at political correctness as being not only unhelpful, but damaging to the cause of equal rights. For example, I forwarded a letter written by someone else which had (in the midst of a lot of Bear news) a Koby Bryant reference. Someone e-mailed me to complain. I just took her name off the list and explained that I don't have time to censor other folks' stuff. But I digress.. Many folks have asked to be added, and many others have provided me lists of names that "should" be on the list. Alas, the list has expanded to just over 1700 Bears. That's good news and bad news. I haven't a clue who many these fine folks are, but theoretically we all share a love for Cal. And I love getting notes from them, and meeting them before games. It's been great. Cal Alumni are something else.But it is unlikely that all of you share our sense of humor. To some it is offensive. If you don't wish to receive something which will probably be at the intellectual level of a 19 year old rugby player, who's had too many beers and is certain he can jump off a third story balcony without hurting himself--just to impress some coy Rugger Hugger with an IQ slightly lower than his jersey number--please drop me a note or put "Remove" on the subject line.It is not my intent to offend, but often this style humor is not for everybody. It's meant for adults who can keep things in perspective. It can be sacrilegious, bawdy--and decidedly old school. In other words, a lot like a few of us.Also, despite the huge salary I get for doing this, it will be inconsistent and often filled with errors. Having all these mouths (dogs, cats, kids, a wife) running around yelling "Feed me. Feed me."--I just don't have time to make this as professional as it should be. Fortunately, people correct me and I try to forward their corrections on. Actually, I like the interaction. As a father with two extremely athletic daughters, and a former member of the Cal Women's Athletic Board, I strongly support and promote women's Athletics. However, this started with football--and is for footballers. I'm happy to include, occasionally, interesting blips about other sports, but I find it odd that some will e-mail me and rag on me for not mentioning more about "Their" sport. I have neither the time nor the talent to do it. It's not that I don't care--it's just that my staff is a little thin, so to speak.So, if bawdy, politically incorrect, sacrilegious is not your bag, no prob. Let's be friends and root for the Bears--but just let me know in advance, so you are not offended. This is meant to stir up good will, not create any bad will.As Oscar Wilde said, "Vulgarity is the last refuge of the inarticulate #%@*#%^@!You are now all forewarned.

Go bears,Jeffrey Earl Warren '70

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